Exploring glycine and other amino acids in reduced protein wheat diets for broilers

19 minutes

Exploring Glycine and other Amino Acids in reduced Protein Wheat Diets for Broilers

Key information

  • Supplementing only essential amino acids failed to maintain performance below 18.3 % crude protein during the grower period (days 7 to 35)
  • Glycine plays an important role in broiler nutrition especially in reduced crude protein diets
  • The interconversion of glycine and serine is confirmed, with serine supplementation matching that of glycine
  • Adding excess threonine in reduced protein diets deteriorates performance
  • Protein and amino acids have greater importance during early development up to 21 days of age compared to later phases
  • Non-essential amino acids such as aspartic acid and glutamine may become limiting in reduced protein diets
  • Increasing amino acid density assists in maintaining performance in birds fed reduced protein diets
  • Reducing dietary protein improves nitrogen efficiency, however, breast meat yield was compromised, and relative fat-pad weight increased

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